First Meal

The first place we went to grab a bite when we got here was Kimbap Nara. There are tons of Kimbabs around town and they're super cheap. The food is also really awesome. It isn't fancy but it isn't fast food.  Important: they have English menus upon request!

My first meal was kimchi mandoo (or mandu) with a side of soy sauce. Kimbab roll for everyone to share, miso soup as an appetizer, and bottomless kimchi cabbage, kimchi pickles and fish paste. They also threw in some radish. Add tons of kochu-jang (pepper paste) and our meal was complete. Each person payed under ₩5000, or less than $4.50. Next week I'll write about bingsu and bibim bap, two of my favorites!!

  • Kimchi Mandoo: steamed dumplings filled with kimchi, pork, noodle, leek, onion and chili
  • Kimbap Roll: (Wonjo Kimbap-original kimbap) rice, processed ham, carrots, spinach, cooked eggs and damuji-yellow pickled sweet radish.

 Happy Friday,


  1. I am SO jealous right now....
    If I send you an Amy Cakes cupcake will you send me some Kimchi Mandoo??? ;)

    Becca Karner

  2. It's funny, they're sort of not a big deal here. People buy them from the frozen food section like pizza rolls. ha ^^ but they're super tasty!