Jeju-do Honeymoon

Patrick and I finally had an official honeymoon. We joked that Korea would be our year long honeymoon but our friends Cameron and Lisa convinced us to go to Jeju since we were on 'free time.' It was beautiful, fun and full of adventures. We booked two rooms at the Sopoong bed and breakfast and four tickets with T'way airlines. Once we were on the island we mainly took buses and only took cabs if we had to. The language barrier is much worse here but the people are very sweet.

Tips for fellow foreigners planning a trip to Jeju:

  • Bring your drivers license if you want to rent a scooter in Udo
  • Pack your lunch for beach trips.
  • T-money can be used on the buses (though the driver likes one person to pay for everyone)
  • Do not swim with your T-money in your pocket.
  • Go to Jeju at the end of the vacation season to save money (late August).
  • Visit Food Street in Seogwipo-si.
  • Plan an entire day for a Mt. Hallasan hike. (Some trails take 5 hours)
  • Spend a day at Hyop Jae beach and take silhouette photos at sunset.
  • Hike to the top of the famous crater, SEONGSAN ILCHULBONG.
  • You cannot wear enough sunscreen.

Click for Sopoong's website^
 Click for a T'way guide site ^

Though there was no sandy beach, I think I was most in love with Oeldogae. This place is also known as the lonely rock. The swimming here was wonderful (even though Patrick crossed paths with a dead jellyfish) and we were bombarded by a big group of the rare and famous diving grannies

Left to right, top to bottom:
Lis & Cam, Hyop Jae Beach, Sea food lunch in Udo
Udo, Me&Pat, Oeldogea
Pat Buddha, Saekdal Beach, Pat&Me

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