Plastic surgery in Korea. Women go under the knife to look like a completely different person.

Girls experience such great pressure to look a certain way here in Korea. Being 'beautiful' to Korea's standards may promise a happier life aka a rich and handsome husband.
 Someone once told me that so many girls are getting the eyes, nose, chin, and jaw surgeries that the older generation complains that the younger generation of Korean women no longer look Korean. I've only been here a year but I agree. The older generation looks very "Korean" and exotic to me. While the younger girls are starting to look the same; petite nose bridge with a perfectly round, but slim tip. Plump lips with a perfect horizontal line above the perfectly small chin. AND THE V LINE JAW! Korean faces are supposed to be squared. Who told this country square jaws are ugly and V line jaws are beautiful?

The story that inspired this post. Watch her friends' reactions to 'meeting' the new her.

Below is a quick video of all the Miss Korea contestants.
In my own opinion all of these girls have had the same eye surgery. WIDER IS BETTER!
(I know it's old news, just trying to prove a point here)
The way she treats her old image is so negative. What is she telling all of the young girls watching this video? Don't love your image, change it! ㅜ.ㅜ (Korean cry face)
I think she was beautiful before the surgeries. Very unique and KOREAN looking. When she is giving her little brother a bath and smiling!!!!! Perfect!

One more video here. I just can't get over the way people react to her like she is finally  a real human.

Ladies, love yourself for who you are. Don't spend $3,500 to change your face. God created you the way you are. And teach your daughters to love their looks, too.

Flash back to March 2012 "Oh Korea is so Westernized, you'll love it!"

I didn't know it was like this, though.
Traditional Korean faces are out. The new Korean face is in. 
Stepping off my soapbox. Watch all the videos.

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