Hello Missouri

Dear friends and family,

I apologize for starting this blog so late. Patrick and I have been in Cheonan for almost a month now and we have been really busy! After facing every hiccup possible we settled with 'free time' until our orientation (which is TOMORROW ^^). 'What do I mean by free time?' you ask!?!?! Well, turns out one thing after another happened to us and our visas were processed a day late. This caused our contract to start a month late. Now we have been given an awesome opportunity to relax and enjoy our new city while our fellow teachers face the responsibility of TESOL training each day. Cameron and Lisa, who I knew from Missouri State, have been great with showing us the ropes. The four of us returned from a Jeju-do anniversary/honeymoon celebration Thursday. I'll post pictures tomorrow! Stay tuned as I fill in all the details from these last weeks!


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