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How I'm finding my way around (on top of all the help from friends):

My friend Megan gifted me The Rough Guide to Korea for my bridal shower and I haven't been able to put it down! Reading about Jeju island while on a Jeju bound plane was so helpful. I read the section about the famous diving grannies two times and then what do you know?! I see them on our first outing  in Segwipo. Lisa was reading Lonely Planet which is also full of tons of information. The main thing I like about The Rough Guide (besides the gorgeous pictures) is the way Norbet Praxton explains transportation for every city. He is also very blunt which makes the book pretty entertaining.

So buy a guide book, visit the blogs below and come visit me already! (Zoe)

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Helpful Books

Rough Guide to Korea         Lonely Planet Korea
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Helpful Blogs

^Short and to the point 

^ Delicious photography

^ North Korea stories!!

^ Lots of guest bloggers

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