When my co-teachers open all the windows in the winter I'm just like:


So...it's been awhile.

Things have been going pretty well lately. I have so much to write about and I don't have the time because I'm too busy desk warming (playing on Facebook and Pinterest). But good news: I'm over the homesickness I've been feeling this past month. I'll explain more later when I have time to give details!

As for the photo above, well let's just say I miss Western logic. Here in Korea 'fresh air' is the answer to everything. Well not really since the subways and buses are hot as hell because no one opens any windows. In schools the windows are left open (AND DOORS!) so that fresh air can flow through the rooms. I'm not really sure why, I've tried to ask and didn't get a clear answer. Some of my friends say it's so the students don't get sick from all the germs getting stuck in the classrooms. I can't imagine that being the reason since kids are forced to come to school with masks over their faces when the have the flu! That's right, the flu. 
So I freeze. I wear all my normal winter teaching clothes plus my coat, gloves, and sometimes my scarf if it gets really bad. By January I'm expecting to wear at least four layers and have adhesive hand/foot warmers stuck to me as the first layer. My Tuesday school allows the teachers to use their heat when they want. This is awesome! - I foolishly thought, because thirty minutes after my co-teacher turned on the heat the room was a stuffy oven.

Patrick's school told him their heat will only turn on when there is snow on the ground. This will be every other hour.

Oh did I mention that the doors are open to the outside even if the heat is on?

There is no happy medium.

Enough complaining. That's the last time, I promise. I have so much to post. Life here is so exciting and challenging. I'll make time!