Visiting Buddha

Rookie foreigner rule #1: Always ask for directions (even if your guide doesn't speak English).

Two weeks ago Patrick and I attempted to see Buddha on our own. We were told to take the #24 bus and get off at the last stop. It sounded easy enough. Unfortunately we hopped off the bus at the wrong stop. We really don't know what we were thinking. Due to the heat and lack of water we gave up walking and found the next bus home. Lucky for us Cameron and Lisa (always coming to our rescue) needed to shoot a family picnic for a short film contest. On the second day of filming they took us to the Buddha in the rain; which created an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. We spent some time looking around the Gakwonsa Temples until the rain let up. Then we hiked up a beautiful trail, had our sweet picnic, and the film duo worked their magic. I'll post the short film after the photos. It is so incredibly amazing for a 57 second film.

Tips for visiting Buddha at Gakwonsa Temples:

  • Take a bus to Yawoori (we took the 12 from KNU) and wait for the 24 (one every 20-30mins)
  • Take the #24 bus (under 2000) outside the Shinsegae.
  • Get off at the last stop. Just to be sure ask the driver "Buddha? or "Gakwonsa?" and point up the road.
  • Walk up the road (immediate left from bus doors) and walk passed the lake.
  • When you see a little shop and hear music you've made it.
  • Have fun walking up those stairs!!!
  • Be respectful and quiet, take your shoes off before entering the temples, and always walk counter clockwise around Buddha (tip from Lisa's stay in India)

if you see this lake you're heading the right way!

two hundred and three steps to Buddha

so peaceful in the rain

fifteen meters!!

prayer lanterns

Cameron and Lisa discussing plan B

outside one of the beautiful temples

don't forget to take them off!

gold Buddha

Patrick overlooking the Gakwonsa Temples

shooting some gorgeous mushrooms (00:25)


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