Nami Island

This past weekend we celebrated Chusok at a baseball game in Seoul! I'd say the game was comparable to the states with a little extra umph. Before each player stepped up to plate, the crowd would chant or sing to thirty seconds of an American song made Korean baseball song. It was pretty fun! We also unknowingly celebrated our three month anniversary. Time is going too fast! Once the game was over we stayed with our friends, Michael and Tera, at an apartment outside of Seoul. The owners were away in Japan so we were house sitting. 
When Monday rolled around Tera made breakfast and then we set off for Nami. This island is known for its beauty and being the location of a past series, Winter Sonata. So wrapped in its beauty was the pure cheese of the 'first kiss bench' and 'lovers lane' where the main couple often walked. If you look past the huge crowd, spontaneous bikers threatening to run into you, and the loud music playing near the 'swan boat rides' Nami  is pretty sweet. I'd love to visit Nami when it is completely empty. That'll be the day.

On  the ferry to Nami.
Lover's Lane.
Don't get in the way of these guys.
 Korea is so beautiful.
Winter Sonata obsessed.


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