Food Friday (birthday edition)

I completely forgot to mention my brother's birthday! It's weird... I feel like time stopped in America as my time in Korea picked up speed. I just have this feeling each day that nothing is happening at home. I'll return to Missouri in a year and our family will be on the couch watching the Olympics like they were on our last night in Springfield.

But that's not the case. It's 3:29pm right now and Missouri, you're sleeping (1:29am). Life is in fact going on. I'm missing you every day. Things are getting a little harder since I discovered Magic Jack. The more I call my family the more I wish I could pop in and visit them. Maybe I'm homesick... maybe that's why I've been making trips to Baskin Robins?!

My brother, as a derp cat,  enjoying some Fancy Feast.
Anyways as I was saying before, Missouri is not standing still. In fact my brother had his 28th birthday. Then my Grandma had her 89th!!!!! I talked to both of them on Magic Jack. I interrupted a family dinner and then I interrupted a game of beer die. Guess which birthday person cooresponds to each location? Well, this has been a good train of thought post. I think it counts as Food Friday since it includes Fancy Feast. **Speaking of cats and cat food; I miss Nuni so much I am extremely tempted to adopt a Korean Nuni. That's a whole new story. Next time.

See ya!
안녕히 계세요 
an-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo

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