Dear foreigner friends,

Missing Pandora and all your favorite music? Korea has pretty good music. I mean Psy is epic. But if you're missing your collection of Western music since Pandora isn't supported in Korea, you need Jango.
The other night I was visiting with friends and commented on the music playing in the background. Sounded like my Pandora radio station back home. Well it was Pandora's cousin, Jango. I like it even better. Now, when I come home and help Patrick with dinner, we listen to Ryan Adams and Andrew Bird and all our indie bands and all is well again. Mornings are better too. Music is food for my soul. I'm so thankful I was introduced to Jango. Check it out! > Jango.com

Sign in with Facebook and create stations. They'll ask you to add artists to the variety, rate independent artists, and they'll even ban a song if you don't like it. Currently I'm listening to Rogue Wave Radio and... K-Pop Radio. Couldn't resist.

This is the current K-Pop obsession, besides Gangnam Style, of course.


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