English Morning Show

Hello and welcome to the English Morning Show!!!

Thought I would post about my Wednesday morning show since we took pictures last week. Every Wednesday at 8:30AM I sit  in front of the camera along with my two buds, Tommy and Crystal. I don't know their Korean names since I nic named them the first day they landed this job with me, but they don't mind. We read from a script that I write about the Korean cartoon, Pororo. He's a little penguin that lives out in the middle of nowhere with other little friends. All the friends play together and usually run into situations that teach them morals. 

I think Pororo is really annoying but I have to watch each episode three times and I'm too old to appreciate his show.

Anyways, here's a picture of us in 'action.' We usually sit with our script in front of us and that's it, no weather or day cards and definitely no folders. But we had to look good for our article! Plus... the show is on Wednesdays not Mondays ;) ooohhh well.

Did I mention this is live?

Above is a script I made for this coming Wednesday. It doesn't relate to the episode below but you get the picture. *English key words and expressions!!!!

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