5th Grade Midterm Review: Gangnam Style

 It's midterm season here! I am in charge of making a review for the 5th grade (I see them on Fridays***today). Here in Korea kids will participate in class activities for candy, points in a game or any other reward. It might be a little wrong back in the states but rewarding works beautifully here. Most of the English teachers in our program use a website called Waygook for class materials. The biggest hit is the BOMB GAME! Some genius English teacher made a Psy version of the bomb game. Everyone is using it! Even me. Of course I used Andrew Bird in my Gangnam Style PowerPoint! Duh. I hope they like it.

The answer pops up after you hit the space bar.
All points are little cartoon Psy characters

 To get your question your team picks a letter.

Cross your fingers your team doesn't get this bomb!!!!

These guys do the horse dance too. It's brilliant. And they also give you additional points. Whichever team ends up with the most points at the end of the game gets to leave my class first! Wooohooo! Just doing my job. Changing the world one English class at a time.


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