Hangul Lessons

Last week my co-teacher told me my head teacher asked if I'd be interested in swapping language lessons. Heck yeah I would! I was (still am) so taken back that an older woman would ask help from me, a younger (lower status in SK) woman... plus I'm foreign. Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Everyone I work with is sweet as honey. I've already said that simile before, but really, it's the only way to describe them. So as expected the lessons have been great. It's much easier for her to teach me since she teaches English to beginner students anyway. I'm working from a 1st grade English book, ha!!! What she has requested of me is to help her brush up on speaking English. She knows the basics so I had somewhere to start! Today she asked about family right after she taught me some family names in Hangul.

Father - 아버지 (ah-bo-jí)
Mother - 어머니 (o-mo-ní)
Baby- 아기 (ah-gí)
I - 나 (nah)
You - 너 (no)
We - 우리 (ew-rí)
Our family - 우리 가족 (ew-rí gah-joke)

The G sounds like K and the J is a softer CH sound. And the O is drawn out. 

My turn:
I drew a family tree then labeled everyone -Aunt, Grandma, brother etc. I even went into detail of how divorces change someone's title. Then I talked about how someone passing away gives the surviving spouse the new term widow. I was pretty excited she didn't know the word because all the other stuff was just a review for her. Then I realized I didn't know how to describe it so I drew it. Well, I ended up drawing the husband and wife then put Xs for the wife's eyes: WIDOW! She laughed at me. Then I had the brilliant idea of drawing a widow spider. This completely confused her until I Google'd the spider and explained they killed their 'spouse' and became widows. Improvising!

Am I a good English teacher or what?!?

I love this place! It get's better everyday. Well my Thursday is ending. Missouri is just waking up ^^ Miss you. Goodnight, good morning.



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