What have I been doing in the last month?!

"Sorry! I didn't mean to neglect my blog. I've just been so busy!" said every Miguk in Korea (including me!).

Today is test day! All of my students are taking tests and then testing some more and then ending their day with a little side of test. 

What am I doing you ask?

Desk warming. Aka blogging, looking at Facebook all day, and don't forget Pinterest.

So here you are.

Making new friends:
This is Sayshoe Hassi. He's friends with our neighbors Zack and Tiffany Church. He was in Seoul the night before his MARATHON and needed to load up on carbs with friends. Sayshoe is the sweetest and happiest person I've met. He's from Japan too! Hopefully we can visit him this summer.

Funniest thing about my students:
Some of them pick their own English names.

The heaviness in my heart:
All I can do is love on the North Korean children that I meet during Saturday tutoring. I hope to donate to Liberty In North Korea when I have a career going. Shin Dong-Hyuk is so inspiring.

My favorite food right now:
Dolcot bibimbap. Hot and FULL of veggies (I'm starting to stray from meat). The rice under all these beautiful vegetables is drizzled in a little bit of oil and the raw egg helps too. Because this stone bowl sits on direct flames the rice touching the bottom of the bowl is nice and crunchy. 

What I'm loving:
This guy. Even if we argue I can't stay mad at him. He's always making me laugh! Moving to Asia together has made us extremely close. We are always working together to overcome the new challenges we face in this culture. He's also a very good husband. He was a wonderful boyfriend and fiance too. He'll be a wonderful father (did I just say that?). Ha kidding... we're not having a kid, YET! Korea has given me baby fever. I mean the kids here are born with a full head of hair and their parents dress them to the nines. They basically look like miniature adults and I love everything mini.
 The weather lately:
That's me and Ella taking a break from desk warming to play in the snow!

Where I'm going in one month:
Phuket Island. For our winter vacation we have two weeks to explore and we picked Thailand. We will visit Bankok for four days and then spend the rest of the time being lazy and unproductive on a beach just like this!

What I'm missing:
The Plaza lights are making me a bit homesick this Christmas. I am however excited to spend my first Christmas as a married woman in a new country. My husband and I will start new traditions together.

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  1. Ok, officially have the CUTEST blog! I'm so glad I was able to find you though your comment on my site! Consider yourself followed. :) AAND...Phuket sounds fun! My husband and I plan on visiting Thailand in the next year or so...but our Christmas vacation is taking us to Vietnam. Look forward to your photos!